Mysterious patents filed by Nintendo have been released online, and might be giving hints at what we can expect from the developer’s next console, the NX.

The patents were originally filed earlier this year, but were released online recently. Some NeoGAF users did spot something interesting in the documents: what appears to be a diagram for detachable controllers. The controllers found in the patents would be able to be clipped on top of an infrared camera, and the camera would detect button presses, similar to how the Circle Pad Pro works on the 3DS. These diagrams line up with the rumors that the NX will feature detachable controllers.


Other documents also show plans for gesture-based controls, which could mean that the NX could be controlled without a controller. Diagrams show players waving their hands to control the system, without ever needing to push a button.


One must remember, however, that Nintendo may not even use any of the ideas found in these patents at all. We will have to wait until the NX is officially revealed in order to find out.

Other rumors surrounding the NX include the fact that we could see Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon titles on the system within the first 6 months of its lifespan. The Wii U did not start with such a strong lineup, which may be what Nintendo is trying to avoid with the NX.

The Nintendo NX is expected to release sometime in early 2017.

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