The first post-launch patch, previously announced, for No Man’s Sky is available to download now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Although official patch notes have yet to be released, the game has received multiple performance improvements on its respective platforms.

According to Sean Murray, on his Twitter account, the new patch for PC adds support for more hardware and improves the frame rate at lower specs. The PS4 version improves stability and “lots more.”

Unfortunately for those expecting more content, Murray and Hello Games are deciding to put their focus more toward customer support currently. “We’re totally focused on customer support right now. Then we’ll move onto improving and adding features to the game”

Prior to the patch’s launch, Murray said that “less than one percent of players have raised support issues.” He estimates that roughly “70%” of those issues will be resolved this week. Although one percent may seem like a small number, the task may still prove daunting for the team at Hello Games.

“It’s pretty crazy for us how many people are playing. And how large a number even 1% of that user base is,” Murray said.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC. For our thoughts on the game, check out Gamespresso’s review.

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