Otherland, a free to play MMORPG based on some of Tad Williams’ most popular novels released a commercial version of the game. This version of the title was made possible by their loyal fans and players who has donated and provided feedback for the game.

This new version adds improvements to NPCs and other new features. It also includes a new and improved class testing area which allows players to test out class abilities.

The game’s official website gives more information on Otherland. The site states that, “Otherland is an Unreal-based action MMORPG set in the world of Tad Williams’s widely celebrated novels of the same name. In Otherland, players explore a multiverse of virtual worlds, including the futuristic Lambda Mall, the medieval 8Squared, or the Asia-inspired 5Isles.”

Gamigo, the company behind the game, explains that any future updates that will be made to the game will be made in conjunction with the game’s community. These updates will include a reworking of the game’s combat system as well as improvements to enemy AI and other quality of life features.

A larger content patch is scheduled to be released sometime during the holiday season. This expansion will include an increased level cap as well as a brand new continent for players to explore.

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