One of the pillars of Konami’s console platform fell a long time ago with the P.T. plug pull; the pillar just got sanded down into dust now as Konami announces their next Silent Hill project; a collaborative effort with Takasago to bring about a magnificent, brooding and compelling slot machine game.

The trailer looks great huh? Makes no sense for Pyramid Head for being there in terms of lore, but at the least he’s the poster boy for Silent Hill, so that’s great. Can’t help but notice there’s no inkling of the game being a slot machine game right? Unfortunately the channel that posted this video belongs to Takasago; a company that deals with creating slot machines. It’s not the first, and heck if this will be the last Silent Hill slot machine.

And well, that’s that. No release date for when these slot machine booths will be circulating Japanese game centers. There’s no mention of if these will even hit the western market. My money’s on no. Wulp! Let’s keep the disappointment train rolling Konami!

EDIT: Here’s a second trailer just to really emphasis how Silent Hill it is. And how slot machine-y it is.

Guy Cihi (voice of James from Silent Hill 2) speaks for everyone:

“Leave us alone! Leave us both the hell alone.”

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