In a recent update to the Steam Beta Client, Valve added new controller support, along with some streaming fixes and a couple general quality changes.

The update attempts to make PS4 DualShock controllers as customizable on the platform as all others available on the client:

  • Added Steam Configurator support for PS4 DualShock Controller. Note that this is a beta release. Enable in Big Picture settings Add/Test Controller settings. When enabled, PS4 controllers will have access to the same sort of customization/configuration support as Steam Controllers, including native API support.
  • PS4 controllers using this system can map the trackpad, gyro, buttons, etc. to keyboard, mouse, or x-input outputs and can make use of action sets, touch menus, radial menus, and so forth.
  • Added New Mode – Joystick Mouse. This is a joystick based mouse control useful for stick based controllers.
  • Added default PS4 templates.
  • Added software calibration for non-Steam controller based IMUs to counter for gyro drift.
  • Configuration Browser can now be toggled to show all available controller types rather than the default of the in-use controller type.
  • Configurations can now be marked as “Unique” to a specific controller. This configuration will only be applied to that controller for that user’s account. By default, all controllers of a specific type will share a configuration unless marked as Unique.
  • Big Picture now supports PS4 controller glyphs when using Steam Configurator support.

Other highlights from the patch include Steam now restarting automatically when it crashes while streaming, streaming bandwidth being upped to 4K, and some crashing/freezing fixes to the macOSX client.

Full patch notes and player comments can be found on the forums.

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