Life is Strange is one of those few games that makes you think about your own life, whilst at the same time being a beautiful, melancholic, emotional tale full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s not often that a game of this nature comes along, so enjoy and embrace its impact and reflect on how Life is Strange symbolizes the beauty, artistry, and creativity of this unique ‘industry’.

The full series of Life is Strange is not even out yet with two episodes remaining to be released in the near future, but it has captured my imagination and inspired me nevertheless. Episode One of Life is Strange took me by surprise with its stellar design and the theme has only continued to impress. Whether it’s the ambers of the autumnal setting; the distinct pastel-esque color palette; or the fitting, marvellous soundtrack, it all combines to create an experience that I simply can’t get enough of.

The moments where Max sits down to play the guitar or listen to some music amid all of the action are truly something to behold.

Of course, design alone is not enough to make a game great, so Dontnod have also developed an interesting story that will keep you guessing every episode. It delves deep into questions of friendship, loyalty, and more. It will have you questioning your own decisions and your own perspectives on certain characters, and its impactful moments never fail to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Whilst Life is Strange remains far from perfect (the gameplay itself can be a bit fiddly here and there), the problems are easy to overlook if only due to how jaw-dropping and emotional the rest of the rollercoaster is. I will take more of the same from Life is Strange over another Telltale game any day, for Dontnod have successfully crafted a world that feels realistic and down to Earth; bizarre considering the game focuses around the ability to bend time.

Chloe’s storyline in Episode Three had me in total shock.

But for me, Life is Strange is more than that. It has inspired me in a meaningful way. It opened my eyes to a type of music that I was always meant to listen to with its acoustic soundtrack that I never knew I longed for. The way Max uses her journal and creates drawings actually inspired me to do the same in real life, believe it or not. In other words, this game has helped me tap into my creative side. It got me drawing despite the fact that I thought I had lost all interest in art. It got me listening to music I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to.

When a game can affect you so much that you see the world differently and open up your mind to new ideas, it’s something truly special. Life is Strange is not a game you’ll see every day, and I absolutely love it.

Proof that a game doesn’t need amazing graphics to be considered beautiful.

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