It seems that an exploit in Destiny: Rise of Iron has been found that allows players to completely skip one of the hardest parts of the newest raid, Wrath of the Machine.

Redditor NotTheLoneWolf has found a new route in Destiny’s latest expansion that allows players to skip a large part of the Wrath of the Machine raid. The glitch lets players skip the Siege Engine, a machine that will crush the Fireteam unless it is destroyed on time. The glitch allows gamers to sneak through the pinning wall, as well as the following wall, which usually requires the Siege Engine to be rebuilt again. The best part however, is that the treasure chest that awaits those who have defeated the Siege Engine is still there, whether the players have actually defeated the boss or not.

It has been found that players can open the Iron Temple doors in Destiny’s latest expansion. Once players complete the Wrath of the Machine raid, they will receive an item called an Isenfyre token. The token instructs players to “Pay your respects in the Iron Temple.” If the player goes to the central fire pit in the social area, they will receive a prompt to use the token. The player will then be launched to the top of the tower on the other side of the bridge. After collecting the SIVA cluster stashed on top of the tower, the player can jump down and open the doors from the other side, allowing anyone in the tower to explore the rest of Felwinter Peak.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can read Gamespresso’s review of the expansion here.

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