Today at MineCon 2015, which is taking place in London, Microsoft announced the next version of the famous Mojang game. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition which will be released this month.

While it’s not a surprise that Microsoft would want to throw Minecraft onto the Windows 10 pile to convince gamers to switch over at least they revealed that Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will not replace the existing PC version.

The new Windows 10 edition is to be treated like a separate game in order to “take advantage of the advanced technology and gaming platform” that will be provided by Windows 10.

This doesn’t mean owners of the original PC Minecraft need to pay any money for the transition; existing PC players will be getting Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition for free but new players can buy the game for $10 for only a limited time during the Beta.

The main difference that was shown by Microsoft is the ability for users to play Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition on any Windows 10 PC or tablet and players are able to choose between the traditional mouse and keyboard, controller or even touch whenever they desire. The new user interface provided by Windows 10 will instantly adjust to the new input method.

On top of that it will be possible to play local multiplayer and game online with your Xbox friends if they have Xbox Live. Minecraft: Windows 10 even allows players to record footage and share the game clips due to a built in GameDVR system.

All features from the current PC version should be coming to the Windows 10 Edition along with new features.

Similar to the original Minecraft a Beta for the Windows 10 Edition will be coming this month and released on the 29th. Mojang has confirmed on their announcement of Minecraft: Windows 10 that all future updates to the game will be free.

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