Pokemon Sun and Moon has released some more exciting news– including a new Z-Attack feature and free Pokemon with early purchase.

The first bit of news is the inclusion of a regional variant of Rattata which adds a Dark typing and sees Rattata stand on its hind legs– and grow a moustache. This now makes two 1st-gen Pokemon that have gained a Dark type in the Alola region (the other being Meowth).

The second bit of news has the most wide-reaching implications: Certain Pokemon have unique Z-Moves, and we are immediately treated to Alola Raichu’s Silver Surfer-like “Stoked Starsurfer”, which OHKOs an Aerodactyl. Z-Moves, which require a specific item to pull off, have the potential to fix the problem with Mega Evolutions; for the best possible team, you were essentially required to pick one of a few dozen Mega Evolvable Pokemon. Z-Moves let any Pokemon get off a super (OHKO?) attack. These Pokemon-specific Z-Moves could change this– unless they’re purely cosmetic, which would make them just fun.

Lastly, as a “special gift for purchasing early” (between launch and January 11th, 2017), you can use mystery gift to get a Munchlax, the baby-form of Snorlax, holding a “Snorlium Z”. With this item, Snorlax can perform its own Z-Move, “Pulverizing Pancake”. It’s clear from this ad that The Pokemon Company has been paying attention to recent memes about Snorlax only having standing animations in the most recent games– They cut to old game footage of Snorlax lying in paths and say “After 20 years of sleeping… Snorlax is ready to use its own Z-Move!” And the move is… something special, worth watching above.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases November 18th.

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