A trailer has been released for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it shows some of the features players can expect to see in the upcoming RPGs, as well as some version exclusive Pokemon.

Exclusive to Sun is the new monkey Fighting type Passimian, who holds onto a berry like a football. Passimian has the ability Receiver, which allows to take on the ability of its partner in double battles. Moon players will be able to capture Oranguru, a Normal/Psychic type. Oranguru can have the abilities Inner Focus and Telepathy, and can learn a new move: Instruct. In double battles, Instruct allows Oranguru to order its ally to use a move, essentially letting the ally act a second time.

We have already seen the evolutions of Rockruff, but now the Pokemon have a name: Lycanroc. Lyconroc will take on its Midday form in Sun, and will take on its Midnight form in Moon. Though the two forms are considered the same Pokemon, they will have different abilities.

The trailer also shows that trainer customization will be present in Sun and Moon, and will let trainers choose their outfits, hairstyle, and eye color. There will also be a new mode called Pokemon Refresh, which allows players to interact with and groom their creatures.

Finally, the trailer showed off two new Z-moves for Pikachu and Eevee. Pikachu’s Catastropika turns it into a giant electric ball, which is then launched at the enemy. Eevee’s Z-move is called Extreme Evoboost, which channels Eevee’s potential evolutions in order to boost all of its stats sharply.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for the 3DS on November 18th. A special edition 3DS featuring the Sun and Moon legendaries will release in October.

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