Hosted by Larry ‘MajorNelson’ Hryb, the team at Xbox showed off some Single player gameplay footage for Battlefield 1. Alongside the Single-player designer Eric Holmes, the duo presented under 30 minutes of gameplay footage, while talking about the core design elements of the upcoming title.

The presentation shows off two videos; the first one is the introduction cinematic to the ‘Through Mud and Blood’ campaign and it showcases one story from one of the five anthology format, single player campaign missions. This short cinematic sequence features a British tank crew who are fighting behind enemy lines. The short video paints the  juxtaposition between one solider’s life at home as a chauffeur and now as the driver of the British Mark V tank.

The second video is a longer 12 minute video that shows off the introduction as well as gameplay footage of the ‘Storm of Steel’ campaign. This bit of gameplay footage throws the player into the perspective of a front line soldier during the World War. From here we get to actually see the gorgeously dark and atmospheric battle. Various features are shown off including the plethora of weaponry and a death transition that throws players into different characters across the battlefield when they die. The video shows emphasis on death and its consistency, appealing to the hopelessness of war during World War I.

If the single-player footage is anything to go on, everything from the visuals, audio effects and gameplay looks to be stellar. Look forward to our thoughts on the game when the review is out. Battlefield 1 is slated for release PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21st, 2016. For players who have EA Access, the Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood campaign will be playable early, alongside several maps for multiplayer.

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