No matter how you feel about the title, it is safe to say the Evolve showed a truly unique design from the moment it was announced. It was this one of a kind gameplay that got players involved and led to it being a success. A huge part of this success came from the support and development from those at Turtle Rock Studio. Sadly, this support must come to an end.

Turtle Rock Studio made a post on their website, titled “Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community.” It stated that as time moves on and more projects of theirs are coming forward, they must end their relationship with Evolve. This is also due in part to the fact that they are not self-funded or make their own IP’s, so it is not entirely up to them. There will be a final sendoff for fans everywhere though.

Tomorrow, October 27th, there will be a livestream for Evolve at 12:00 pm PT, where Turtle Rock will talk about their experience with the title and answer some questions from fans. You can find this livestream on To end of this final message stated, “Those of you who’ve followed Turtle Rock Studios, this is not goodbye. We have lots of stuff in the works that we hope you’ll enjoy but we are departing on the Laurie-Anne for the last time and must bid a farewell to the planet Shear. We’ll see you all again, another time on another world…. So long, Shear. It’s been an adventure.”

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