It’s no surprise, games these days will no doubt release with unexpected bugs and glitches. EA DICE’s Battlefield 1 is no exception, with a particular bug circulating the internet for its sheer glory. Various players have come across a glitch where a zeppelin would blow up in firey wreck and if it makes contact with another plane as the debris falls, the zeppelin spin at an excessive rate. If angled vertically upon contact, the turn rate hits critical mass and all hell breaks loose.

The first known discovery was by reddit user JesseJames106, who quickly posted the incredible looking “fire tornado-zeppelin” when he encountered it during his Battlefield 1 escapades. Since then, other players have come into contact with the strange phenomenon such as YouTube user WacticalTank.

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The fire zeppelin visual bug is not the only glitch in the game found, there are even more, such as the visual speed bug when running at the highest Field Of View. Naturally, while there are glitches, they don’t necessarily damage the overall enjoyment of the game. As stated in our Battlefield 1 review, “the single player gameplay is stellar, with a solid multiplayer”.

Battlefield 1 is available right now on EA’s digital distribution platform Origin for $79.99. Players will also have the option to pick up the Deluxe or Ultimate edition.

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