This weekend saw thousands upon thousands of Twitch streamers, fans and other incredible personalities come together to celebrate the iconic streaming service at TwitchCon. The event saw the reveal of 3 brand new games, made by the teams at Amazon. Revealed during TwitchCon via the livestream, the three games were ‘unboxed’ through visual effects and revealed to the audience.

The first of the games is made by Double Helix Games and is called Breakaway. It is described as a battle arena sports game, where the objective is to send the ball to the opposing goal on the other side of the arena. The characters all have movesets and abilities which assists in completing the objective. Alongside ‘hero’ abilities, players can also ‘build’ structures on the field, in order to provide buffs or debuffs. Winning is determined by either getting the most goals, or by defeating the enemy team in combat. Breakaway will have Twitch integration, which will allow players to customize their stream overlay in-game, easy connectivity to broadcasters, and an in-game betting system which rewards loyalty points, which will provide in-game rewards.

The next game announced is called New World and it is an open world, persistent MMORPG. Set in an alternate universe of 17th century North America, the game opens itself to allow players to do anything they would like in the ‘monster-haunted’ universe. Players will be able to play as either the native Americans or the colonists, and will be able to play as a farmer, trader, explorer, guard or anything that interests them in the massive world. New World promises a ridiculous degree of freedom for the players.

The final game announced is called Crucible and is a 6-on-6 team death match, with emphasis on trickery and survival. Although there are teams to begin with, there can only be one winner. Due to this, players can become even more cut-throat and create temporary alliances with opposing teams, in order to blindside their ‘teammates’. As an added layer of intrigue, Crucible will also have Twitch integration, in which the game will allow the audience to participate as the ‘AI Director’ from games like Left 4 Dead, dictating what events will happen to the players.

Each game hopes to show off an original and enjoyable experience, all the while encouraging Twitch compatibility and emphasis on not just enjoyability for players, but spectators. Release dates for the game are still to be determined. More information regarding price, release and platform are expected to drop in the coming months.

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