Niantic is implementing a new feature in Pokemon Go that should help make it easier to catch Pokemon.

The new feature adds a catch bonus when the player earns medals based on certain types of Pokemon. These bonuses will give players a better chance at catching Pokemon with a type related to the obtained medal. For example, having a Kindler Medal will make it easier to catch Fire-type Pokemon. Catching many Pokemon of the same type will help increase the bonus that players receive.

If a player runs into a Pokemon with multiple types, the bonus will be the average of the players bonuses for each type. For example, if a Pokemon is both Grass and Poison types, the bonus would be the average of the player’s Grass-type and Poison-type bonuses.

A new trailer was released for Pokemon Sun and Moon this past week. In it, a few new features were revealed. We got to see the evolved forms of the starters, as well as the Poke Pelago, a special island where the Pokemon stored in the PC are able to go. Also shown was the Festival Plaza, a new area where players can earn coins by fulfilling requests, which can be used on items.

Pokemon Go is available o iOS and Android devices.

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