Just like with the original PlayStation 4, the PS4 Pro will allow users to swap out the console’s internal hard drive with another one of their choice.

IGN reports that Mark Cerny, the lead architect for PS4 hardware, says “it is user replaceable” in regard to the PS4 Pro’s internal hard drive. This means if users find that the stock hard drive does not offer them enough storage space, they will be able to increase it as long as they are willing to purchase a new drive and install it themselves.

Also worth noting is that if you already installed a larger hard drive in your original PS4, then you should be able to put that same drive into the PS4 Pro, as Cerny explains the PS4 Pro will have the “same setup” as the original PS4. While this also means that the new console will not have any options that come included with an SSD, Cerny stated that SSDs will be compatible if a user installs one on their own.

While many console owners who purchase physical copies of their games may not have a need for larger hard drives, those who download digital copies of their games certainly do. The steadily increasing file size of popular games like Call of Duty have made a larger drive almost a necessity for gamers who want to keep several games installed on their console at the same time.

The PS4 Pro will release on November 10.

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