H1Z1 like many other online games of its type have had problems with hackers and cheaters; earlier this week Daybreak Game Company President John Smedley posted on twitter that nearly 25,000 players had just been banned and later tweeted that another 7k esp hackers had been banned from H1Z1.

Later Smedley posted another tweet to tell cheaters to continue as normal and clearly trying to provoke some of them into reacting or revealing themselves.

When users began to respond asking is provoking people is a good idea Smedley responded that they knew who the “cockroaches” are and that they were going to chase them relentlessly and public because “screw not provoking them”.

Shortly after this Smedley tweeted that cheaters who were banned should not email him to aplogize, he wanted them to create a public video on YouTube of them apologizing and email him the link so he can tweet it.

Apology videos have already begun springing up and are being retweeted by Smedley. He also tweeted that they may consider unbanning some users if their videos have a high view count; in fact according to a post from his reddit account they’ve unbanned 3 people so far out of the 30k players they’ve banned… one of which may be re-banned for making the video private.

Apology videos are only being accepted until noon PST today so if you’ve been banned and want to get back that account you will need to make the video and email the YouTube link to Daybreak Game’s Company President.

There is due to be an update tomorrow to remove all of the banned people items to completely remove them from H1Z1.

What do you think about how they’re dealing with H1Z1’s hackers and cheats? Let us know in the comments!

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