Humble Bundle is know for giving players great deals on all types of games. This is through a pick your own price system where gamers can choose how to spread the money among developers, charities, and the company itself. The latest Jumbo Bundle is available now, so take a look at what it has to offer.

Humble Bundle’s Jumbo Bundle 6 has a great set of games. They are Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown(with Soundtrack), and WARMACHINE Tactics – Standard Edition(with Mercenary Faction Bundle). If you pay more than the average, which is currently at $6.97, you’ll also get The Director’s Cut of Shadowrun: DragonFall, Dreamfall Chapters, and Magicka 2. Also, if you pay more than $12, you’ll get the Definitive Edition of Grey Goo. You can’t lose on this deal.

Humble Bundle is helping to give money to American Red Cross and Direct Relief, so every bit helps. Jumbo Bundle 6 only has 12 days left, so don’t hesitate.

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