PlayStation 4 users can now download system software version 4.01.

The update appears to be a standard stability patch, offering relatively minor changes. According to Sony’s official patch notes, the update provides improvements to the party voice chat system and the overall quality of system performance.

This patch builds on the 4.00 system update, released in mid-September. The 4.00 update marked the first major refresh of the PS4 system software in over a year and added a number of welcome features, including folder organization for games and apps, 60 FPS support for 720p streams on Twitch, Dailymotion, and YouTube, as well as a new Quick Menu which allows players to access functionality such as music controls without exiting games. The update also added high-dynamic range support to all PS4s, including the base model PS4, the recently released PS4 Slim, and the upcoming PS4 Pro.

Most users will find that their system has already downloaded and installed the 4.01 update, but players with auto-update disabled can download the patch via the system update settings page of their PS4. Users who prefer to update their systems via USB can also download the patch from the PlayStation System Update page. The file clocks in at 297.6MB.

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