Psyonix has released a hotfix for Rocket League that adjusts how Competitive Skill Tiers are assigned to players.

“Since the skill reset at the start of Season 3, all four competitive playlists have settled into normal distributions over time, but on a slightly different scale than in Seasons 1 and 2,” the developer writes on Rocket League’s official blog. “This isn’t a bad thing in general, but it does mean that our old thresholds for deciding who gets promoted to Rising Star, Super Champion, etc. could be balanced a little better for the current season.”

To balance out the player base, Skill Tier thresholds have been lowered to include more players into the Star and Champion tiers. The other change is the Skill Tier thresholds are configured differently depending on the mode, which means there will be more Grand Champions in one mode if the total number of players in that mode is higher.

“The skill curve for 1v1 looks a little different than 3v3, for instance,” Psyonix explains. “This means Doubles now has different criteria for reaching Grand Champion than Solo Standard does.”

After the update, players in Challenger tier should see their rank rise anywhere between one half to two skill tiers. The recalibration does not occur automatically, and requires players to win matches before the changes take effect.

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