Three more Xbox 360 titles have come to backwards compatibility on Xbox One, according to a tweet from Major Nelson. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Puzzle Quest Galatrix, and Puzzle Quest 2 will join the ever-expanding list of backwards compatible games.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a welcome addition to the growing library. Sumo Digital’s kart racer is one of the more highly-regarded games in the recent history of Sonic, and it provides a nice alternative to Mario’s continued monopoly of the genre.

Likewise, Puzzle Quest Galatrix and Puzzle Quest 2 are solid entries in Infinity Interactive’s puzzle-hybrid series. Galatrix is notable for its shift to a hex-grid, akin to the one seen in Xbox 360 classic Hexic. Puzzle Quest 2 returns to the more standard match-3 formula seen in the original Puzzle Quest, which remains a notable omission on the backwards compatibility list.

Since the launch of Xbox One backwards compatibility in June of 2015, the Xbox team have added compatibility for over 250 titles. This current batch of games comes less than a week after the previous crop of games, suggesting that Microsoft has committed to building out compatibility features. However, Microsoft’s previous backwards compatible project was only able bring to 461 original Xbox titles to the Xbox 360, roughly 51% of the console’s library. Whether the current initiative will be able to beat that ratio remains to be seen.

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