Silent Hill: Downpour, Eat Lead, and Puzzle Quest join the library of over 250 Xbox 360 backward compatible games you can now enjoy on your Xbox One.

Revealed by Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, you can enjoy these three games today.

Silent Hill: Downpour is the seventh installment of the survival horror series and received mixed reviews due to poor combat and puzzle design. Eat Lead is a third-person shooter that received mixed reviews from its repetitive combat but well done humor. Finally, Puzzle Quest is a match-three type game that received positive reviews for it’s intelligent compliment of both puzzle and RPG elements.

Starting on November 12th 2015, 104 Xbox 360 games became available in the backward compatibility program on the Xbox One. Microsoft enables this through the use of emulation of the last-gen environment on the current-gen console. The game is downloaded onto your system and is repackaged as an original title that identifies itself as an Xbox One title.

The list of games that can become backward compatible will continue to grow as long as publishers provide permission for Microsoft to allow the repackaging on their game. So if your favorite 360 game isn’t available yet, blame the publisher rather than Microsoft.

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