BioWare Montreal producer Michael Gamble has recently discussed the themes behind the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda.

In an interview with OPM U.K. (via PlayStation Universe), Gamble discussed the central theme behind Mass Effect Andromeda. He stated that the upcoming RPG will put much of its focus on galactic exploration:

“The premise is about galactic exploration. It’s much like modern day Elon Musk-ism, which is: ‘I wonder if we can get here? I wonder if we can do that?’ Andromeda is a human story, but much like on Earth where we would have people from all walks of life join these expeditions, the same thing happens in the Milky Way – all different types of races join this expedition, and we do it as one concerted effort as opposed to separate people doing separate things.

“We do so because we know it won’t be easy on the other side. There’s no animosity [in the team]. Everyone is doing this for the common good and for the same reason, which is: ‘Let’s find somewhere else to go.'”

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to release in Spring 2017. New footage of the upcoming RPG is expected to release at this year’s Game Awards in December.

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