A job posting was spotted on battle.net today looking for an experienced art director for what the listing describes as “Blizzard’s next hit game.” Where the post gets interesting however is in the skills and requirements, where, along with the usual expertise you would hope to find in an art director, there is a request for applicants to have “A passion for games with a deep understanding of the Diablo franchise.”

This comes as, following Gamescom last week, we now know the next steps for every single one of Blizzard’s games except for Diablo 3. Along with the recently announced World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, being on the horizon, we know Legacy of the Void is on the way for Starcraft 2, The Grand Tournament is in the works for Hearthstone, and new heroes and maps were shown off and teased for both Heroes of the Storm and the still unreleased Overwatch. This left many in the past weeks wondering what was next for the Diablo franchise as the only news has emerged around the game’s next, admittedly large, patch, 2.3.0 and the game’s new item, the Kunai Cube.

Fans have speculated about another Diablo 3 expansion since the release of the game’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, back in March of 2014. Though not ruling it out, the posting’s “next hit game” remark does make an expansion seem unlikely, leaving the door open for the unannounced project being a possible Diablo 4.

If any concrete news is to land as to the future of Diablo, Blizzard’s convention, Blizzcon, taking place this November, is the best bet for when we will get to see it. Are you looking forward to a Diablo 4? Or are you still not done with Diablo 3 and hope it is another expansion? Let us know in the comments.

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