A new update for Dark Souls 3 has been released. Patch 1.09 doesn’t include any new features, but it fixes a number of bugs, many of them a part of the recently released Ashes of Ariendel DLC.

Some of the issues addressed include bugs in the Painted World of Ariandel where Sir Vilhelm would get trapped in the rocks and where he would disappear and reappear in certain areas, a bug in Ariandel where the character name is not displayed when locked on to Livid Pyromancer Dunnel, a bug in Ariandel where the Gravetender Greatwolf would not appear in the battle, and a bug where the player was able to leave the area during the battle with the Crystal Sage.

There are also multiplayer issues that have been fixed, such as a bug in Ariandel where guests couldn’t fight Sir Vilhelm, a bug where the application would freeze upon trying to load a 6-Player Undead Match, and a bug where consumable items were not restored after an Undead Match ended.

In addition to these bugs, a few exploits have been addressed, such as being able to avoid fall damage by repeatedly performing the Crow Quills skill while the Silvercat Ring is equipped.

The full patch notes can be found here. If you haven’t picked up Dark Souls 3 yet, it is currently on sale on Steam for 35% off.

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