Pokemon Go is wildly popular with Pokemon fans and even newbies to the franchise. Being an augmented reality game, it brought an interesting new twist to Pokemon games, but brought with it the same frustrations. Pidgeys and Zubats run rampant in our streets and neighborhoods.

Lucky for players, Niantic seems to want to make it so these smaller, less useful Pokemon spawn less.

The official Twitter makes every attempt to stay in character when giving out hints towards patch notes.

Along with changes to spawns, the update will apparently also include changes to the egg hatching system. Eevee is notoriously difficult to hatch in any game, but when you’re doing the walking instead of a sprite, it gets old really fast. Niantic is changing that, with making Eevee hatch only from 5km eggs instead of 10km.

Also, since no one has ever been excited to hatch a Pidgey or Rattata from an egg, they’re being removed from the system entirely.

Niantic has been pushing out interesting updates recently, making the game bigger and bigger, and closer to what people were hoping for when they first heard “Pokemon Augmented Reality Game.” With daily quests on the way, and maybe Gen 2 Pokemon, Pokemon Go is likely to regain it’s audience before long.

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