Following some recent quality of life updates, people at the Pokemon Go Hub have found evidence in metadata that points towards Niantic putting a daily quest feature in the game.

The data from the 0.43.3 Android patch contains a new entry, referencing quest types. This QuestType entry is followed by two entries referencing the first catch of the day, and the first Pokestop of the day. Pokemon Go hub says, “The network and protobuf support is already in the metadata, implying Niantic can turn on the feature any time they want. The rewards are not clear at this point, but the code references incubators,”

The code is implying that the ability to have daily quests is already in the game, and the rewards for them might include an incubator, which is a bit rare to come by for such an easy task as logging in and continuing what you normally do in-game.

It’s looking like Niantic is continuing to grow Pokemon Go beyond what players expected. A daily quest system could bring back players who didn’t see a reason to log in every day, and work as incentive to keep them there.

Pokemon Go is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

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