The world of VR is growing with Schell Games announcing an ‘escape the room’ style thriller for PlayStation VR titled I Expect You To Die.

“When we started making I Expect You To Die, we knew there had to be consequences for agents that didn’t ‘escape the room,’ but we also knew we had to be careful crating those consequences,” Shawn Patton of Schell Games writes. “Make the level too hard or the puzzles too obtuse, and players world be frustrated and quit. Too easy and it would be boring. We also didn’t want the design to be unfair. You never want the player to feel cheated by some lame trap that they couldn’t possibly have known about until after it killed them. The flipside is that dying in hilarious ways in VR can be very fun, and we knew we wanted that experience to be a large part of the game.

I Expect You to Die

With over 30 ways to die in the game, we can expect some downright fun from I Expect You To Die. The developers even want you to try and find them all, stating “don’t be afraid to cut that bomb wire, pull that grenade pin, or anger that bear”.

I Expect You To Die is set to release on December 6th.

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