Fans of the God of War games will see the Spartan anti-hero Kratos exploring a whole new area of legend with the next title in the franchise. Players will be wandering the world of Norse mythology, and no doubt killing its Gods in new and gruesome ways.

Responding to fans on Twitter, designer Cory Barlog declares “A new saga is beginning, for sure.” He also states that the upcoming game has been in development since mid 2013. We can hope that the project is reaching the final stages of production, even though Barlog describes the new God of War as a “beast.”

A gameplay trailer for the next God of War was played to fans at this years E3 conference. It reveals that Kratos now has a son who will aid you in combat. You will no longer have the signature double-chained blades for your character, as they were lost at the conclusion to God of War III. They have been replaced by a magical battle axe that can be thrown, and returns to you much in the same way as Thor’s Mjolnir. Perhaps the similarity to Thor’s weapon is a purposeful inclusion, as the setting of Norse mythology would not be complete without an appearance from the God of Thunder. The trailer also shows us a new over-the-shoulder camera angle, bringing the player closer to the action of its devastating finishing moves.

Santa Monica Studio knew they wanted to take on a new area away from the Olympian Gods. Kratos has already slain most of them previous titles. The new era for the franchise will surely continue the games theme of dramatic boss fights and gory killing moves, but we will have to wait.

No release date has been announced, but some time in 2017 we will expect to embark on a whole new adventure of the God killing RPG exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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