It seems Destiny: Rise of Iron performed better in its first month than the base game did when it launched in 2014.

According to analyst firm Superdata (via VG24/7), Rise of Iron generated $59.1 million in digital sales in September 2016, not including the physical sales of Destiny: The Collection. In comparison, the original Destiny generated $47.5 million in combined physical and digital sales during its launch in September 2014. Essentially, the digital-only, lower-priced expansion made more revenue in its first month than the full-priced base title did.

This does suggest that Destiny’s player base has grown since the game’s launch in September 2014. Even though the month a game launches is usually its busiest time, Destiny has instead grown over time as new expansions were released.

Destiny’s newest raid was recently completed by a solo player. The raid, entitled Wrath of the Machine, was completed by a player named ScaRdrow, who posted a video of himself defeating the raid boss, Aksis, on his YouTube channel. ScaRdrow also posted on Reddit about his feat, commenting on the difficulty of the raid when compared to others, the character build that he used to beat the raid, and the strategy that he employed to accomplish the task. According to ScaRdrow, it took him 18 minutes to defeat Aksis.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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