It looks as though Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, has been completed by a solo Player. The raid was completed by a player by the name of ScaRdrow who also posted a video of himself beating the raid boss, Aksis, on his Youtube channel earlier this week.

He has also posted on Reddit about his accomplishment. In his post he comments on the difficulty of the raid compared to others, The character build in which he used to finish it, as well as the overall strategy that he used to beat the raid. According to the Reddit post, it took ScaRdrow a total of 18 minutes to beat Aksis.

The Wrath of the Machine raid was introduced in Destiny’s Rise of Iron Expansion on September 23rd. The heroic version of the raid was release on October 18th and features new mechanics to create a greater challenge for players.

Destiny’s newest expansion includes a brand new story campaign and quests, new gear, an increase to the game’s light level cap, a new strike mission, a new zone and social area for players to congregate, a brand new Crucible Mode and Maps, as well as brand new factions and bosses.

Destiny Rise of Iron is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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