Sony is celebrating two decades of the PlayStation, and with that in mind have released a player-centric advertisement, “The King”.

Sony began downloadable content with the PlayStation 3 in 2006, a decade ago, and in celebration of that they have been offering discounts of up to 70% on their downloadable marketplace. The PlayStation 1, meanwhile, came out in 1996, which means that 2016 marks two important anniversaries for Sony: A decade of downloads, and two decades of PlayStation.

In a press release commemorating this fact, Sony released the celebratory advertisement, “The King”. It features a haunting choir cover of Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, and sees a king abandon his post to ride his horse into the dawn. As he does, he sees himself playing a part in a futuristic shooter (it’s hard to tell if it’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Titanfall 2), Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spiderman, God of War reboot, and finally sprinting into a battlefield that is an amalgam of all of the above games and more. The message is clear: With PlayStation, the player (and their desires) is king. It ends with PlayStation’s tagline, Greatness Awaits.

The PlayStation 4, its upgraded model the PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation VR are available now.

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