It’s safe to say Super Mario Galaxy 3 and Super Mario Sunshine HD are coming to the Nintendo Switch– if you trust Mario’s voice actor.

As SegmentNext caught, Charles Martinet, voice of Mario in essentially every Nintendo game to feature him, recently updated his IMDb page with some surprising inclusions. Among them were Super Mario Maker Deluxe (2017), Untitled Mario Golf Game for Wii U (2017), Super Mario Sunshine HD (2017), and, most surprisingly, Super Mario Galaxy 3 (2016). See below.

It is also worth noting that all of the above games have since been removed from his Actor credits on IMDb.

Super Mario Martinet Filmography

If Mario’s voice actor’s resume is to be trusted, this tells us some important things about Nintendo’s momentum with Mario– and some things we weren’t quite expecting. Firstly, and most pressingly, is the fact that Super Mario Galaxy 3 was slated for 2016 and tagged “post-production”. Does this imply that he has finished recording the voices, or that the game is going to come out this year– AHEAD of the Nintendo Switch? Or, as this game was grouped among other 2017 releases, was this simply a typo?

Another important note is that, with a “pre-production” Wii U game slated for 2017, we see that Nintendo still intends to support the Wii U with mainline games. This is surprising, as many expected the Wii U to die with its production ending. However, with the 3DS already being promised continued support, it’s possible that Nintendo intends to support 3 systems, but focusing on the Nintendo Switch– it’s too early to tell.

HD remakes and Deluxe editions aren’t new ground for Nintendo, but this overall gives us a picture of what Nintendo intends to do with their mascot: Play it safe. The Nintendo Switch is a bold departure from typical console fare, and the main game they’ve advertised for it is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a massive departure for the series. With HD remakes, Deluxe editions, another golf game, and a sequel in the wildly popular and highly-rated Galaxy series, Super Mario is going to remain a high-quality constant in the future.

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