With just a few weeks until the exciting Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PlayStation 4, the full map for the title has leaked on the internet. The image names the game’s key locations, and also shows us the varied landscape that we will visit while playing as Aloy.

The map has been uploaded onto NeoGaf by GameRevolution, and is suspected to come from an early review copy handed out by the developers. It is hard to judge scale by what we are shown, but the many different environments ranging from huge mountains to grassy plains are clearly visible.

Horizon Zero Dawn

There are 4 distinct regions shown, each represented by different colored icons for their main locations. Meridian, Sunfall, Mothers Heart and Pathcliff all appear prominently in their respective zones, but players will have to wait to see how these places link together as part of the storyline.

We recently had an insight into the passion and workings of the developers Guerrila Games, with a series of videos showing us how they have tried to make Aloy into an iconic character, how the company has had to grow from its FPS roots into creating a vast open-world RPG, and how the whole team have worked together seamlessly to help make their title. They will no doubt be unimpressed that their work has been revealed ahead of schedule, but it must be said that the depth of the map is stunning.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on February 28th.

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