The Titanfall 2 Open Beta event prior to the human vs robot vs human FPS release, was a big hit with players. What it did not achieve however, was a massive surge of people rushing out to buy the game when it landed on shelves. Respawn Entertainment is hoping to capture some of that positive feeling around its title with another free-to-play event that will be opening this week.

The event begins for EA Access and Origin Access members today, November 30th, with the rest of the online community of players from Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin on PC joining the action, starting December 2nd.

This is a full trial of all of the game’s online content, including the free DLC “Angels City’s Most Wanted,” which becomes available a day later on December 3rd. This is seen as a real gift for potential buyers of Titanfall 2, allowing you to sample the fast-paced FPS action with no restrictions to your multiplayer experience.

All post-launch maps, weapons and game modes will be accessible, and the free DLC comes with 6 new Titan kits and a brand new Pilot execution.

If this sounds like something that you could see yourself spending your time on, then you best hurry. The Multiplayer Free Trial event only runs until December 4th, and although there is no limit to how many times you Titan-up, the event will end all too quickly for some. Respawn will be hoping that by the end of the trial, a new wave of fans will be willing to head to the store and buy a full copy of the game.

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