The gaming world has created a unique and wonderful community that many are proud to be part of. The entire industry as a whole is ever growing and we are thankful that year after year we are given such brilliant games to take us away on a daily basis. That is why every year we take a night to commemorate the best of the best at the Video Game Awards, but there are also some surprise squeezed in.

Gamers love reveals. So why not put some in our most prestigious award ceremony of the year. Geoff Keighley, well known gamer and host of this year’s Video Game Awards, has already tweeted about two games we’ll be seeing more of this Thursday night. They are the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Bethesda’s atmospheric first person shooter, Prey. Nintendo of America tweeted out about showing an exclusive look at Breath of the Wild as well.

While it was stated that gameplay will be the focus of Prey at the Video Game Awards, we’re not sure exactly what we’ll see with the new Zelda title. We’ll have to wait until this Thursday to find out. I’m sure all of the nominees are eagerly awaiting for this night even more than us.

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