The battle of the consoles is nearly as old as computer gaming itself. For the better part of two decades now, two major players, Microsoft and Sony, have been evolving their machines in a cycle of one-upmanship. Microsoft brought out the more powerful Xbox One S earlier this year, and this month saw the response from Sony in the form of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The next generation of Xbox console is slated for release some time next year. Dubbed the “Xbox Scorpio,” the company have revealed it will be the first machine to deliver true 4K.

Speaking at the Xbox FanFest in Mexico City, Executive Aaron Greenberg promises the Scorpio to be, “the most powerful console you’ve ever seen.” He also boasts their latest creation can deliver “Really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we’ve never seen before on the console.” Greenberg sees the project aim to equal what players using a gaming PC have become accustomed to.


All games that are scheduled for release in the time frame of the next Microsoft console will have to be able to render at native 4K. This of course says nothing for the hardware that people may own, as an appropriate television with 4K capability would be required to get the full benefit. Even with that in mind, the promise for Project Scorpio remains the same. Delivering the highest standard of graphics ever seen on a console for all of its first-party games.

Little solid information has been revealed about the forthcoming Microsoft machine since its announcement at the E3 conference in June. It is clear from what we do know, they are firmly gunning for the PS4 Pro’s title of best visuals on a console. Microsoft have also claimed their Scorpio to be 43% more powerful than the PS4 Pro. Over to you Sony.

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