Last year’s PlayStation Experience gave us the first look at the super-realistic dog fighting simulator, Ace Combat 7. Since then, news about the game from developer Namco-Bandai has been sparse. At the PSX happening this weekend in Anaheim CA, fans of the long running series have finally received a reveal of the story trailer.

What is exciting about this announcement is the possibility of enjoying the game in fully immersive VR. The graphics will be rendered to the highest quality for this generation of PlayStation console, so it is sure to be a stunning game visually. The support for the PlayStation VR, however, will be what could take this game to the next level.

The story trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the jets and cockpit views that we can expect. The drama of modern day air combat looks to be captured superbly. This is the first numbered entry in the series in many years, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon releasing in 2011 and Ace Combat Infinity releasing in 2014.

PlayStation Experience 2016 already brought us a great deal of big news. Announcements such as a reveal of The Last Of Us: Part II and a new chapter for the Uncharted series, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, show that fans of the Sony console will have plenty to sink their teeth into in the coming years.

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