The first-ever PC gaming show at E3 has just grown a little larger.

The organizers behind the event have just announced that ten more developers will be in attendance who’ll appear during the show in some fashion, including the developers behind Guild Wars, ArenaNet, and the Total War franchise, Creative Assembly.

The previously announced developers in attendance are Cliff Bleszinski, designer for Gears of War, Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, Blizzard Entertainment and Square Enix.

Newly Confirmed PC Gaming Show Participants:

  • ArenaNet
  • CCP Games
  • Creative Assembly
  • Fullbright
  • Frictional Games
  • Frontier Developments
  • Nexon
  • Pixel Titans
  • SCS Software
  • Splash Damage

The “PC Gaming Show” will be hosted by AMD and PC Gamer magazine on Tuesday, June 16 at 5 PM PDT.

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