Steam are often bringing discounts to their extensive catalog of games. Be it Halloween, Fall, Spring, or Summer, there is generally some kind of special offers for prospective gamers. The Winter sale is often the biggest of the year, as it is a direct promotion to entice the Christmas money from our wallets.

The dates dropped on to NeoGaf recently, with the sale beginning on December 22nd (9:50am PT) and ending January 2nd 2017 (10:10am PT.)

The Steam Autumn sale which ended November 29th, introduced us to the first ever Steam Awards. These allow us to vote for our favorite games across 9 varying categories, and is something that developers will highly covet due to the community based voting. Fans of the cult classic Half-Life 2 have tried to use a custom award category to protest to game creator Valve that they want a sequel to the much loved FPS.

We will have to wait to see which games collect their respective gongs, as the reveal of the nominations will be alongside the Winter Sale event. Voting closed at the end of the Autumn sale on November 29th.

The reveal of the dates of the Winter sale so close to the festive season, means it could be worth saving some of that nice money you get in a card from your Aunt each December. If a title that you have been pining after is included in the discounts, it could mean a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all, courtesy of Steam.

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