Steam is the platform for literally thousands of games for your PC, with epic AAA Blockbusters and free to play indie titles are side by side in the comprehensive games catalog. Steam holds sales on certain items on a weekly basis, often offering excellent discounts on a range of titles. The Autumn Sale starting the 23rd November is no different. What is exciting about this coming event is the introduction of the very first Steam Awards.

This November, Steam users will be able to nominate their favorite games across 8 different awards plus a special category that will be based upon the feedback from the community and the games nominated for it. It is the first time that the Steam Awards will be held for games in its catalog, and what makes this special for the developers is the fact the nominations will be made by the gamers themselves.

The 8 Categories that you can nominate your favorite games for are:

  • The “Test of Time Award” for a game that holds a special place in your heart and keeps you coming back to it time after time.
  • The “I’m Not Crying, There’s Something in My Eye Award” for the game that catches you off guard emotionally and you may have even shed a tear over.
  • The “Just 5 More Minutes Award” for the game that you can’t leave alone, even when you have something more important to be doing with your life.
  • The “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude! Award” for a game that has blown your mind with a fantastic plot twist or action scene.
  • The “Villain Most in Need of a Hug Award” for your favorite video game villain.
  • The “Game Within a Game Award” for the best hidden mini-game in another title.
  • The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award Award” for a game that you discovered for yourself, recommended to a friend, and is now a big hit.
  • The “Best Use of a Farm Animal Award” for the game that has put a farm animal in its best scenario among games.

The special category is provisionally called the “We Didn’t Think of Everything Award” and will be decided based on the best nominations and the best custom category that users have nominated the game for.

The chance for all games in the Steam Store to be presented with one (or more) of these accolades is an enticing prospect. To lure the community to get on board with the Steam Awards, special badges are being given for completing certain tasks. Two of the badges on offer are for nominating a game for an award, or voting for a game in every category. Users will be given 25XP for each badge they earn, and you can check your progress at a special badges page of your profile.

As for the Autumn Sale event itself, this week sees a huge amount of fantastic discounts on top games. Highlights include 67% off Fallout 4 and Doom, and a massive 75% off action-adventure Just Cause 3. The sale it set to run until the 29th November, which is when the nomination period for the Steam Awards ends too. If you use Steam, nominate your favorites. As they say, Your Opinion Matters.

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