AMD is trying to pull ahead of the competition with these new and very impressive high end graphics cards. Announced early this week, the R9 series features the Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 Fury, and R9 Nano.

The cards all run on the new high-bandwidth memory technology which boosts the performance of these cards to match other graphics cards of the same quality but with more memory. Graphics cards using this new technology function at about the same as cards that don’t at a 4:6 GB VRAM ratio. This means that 4GB using high-bandwith memory is the exact same as a 6GB normal card.

AMD Also announced a new pre-built PC called the Quantum, which takes advantage of the new R9 cards and it’s newest GPU, the Radeon R9 Fiji, which has yet to be given a release date. All of the R9 series are designed to work with the Fiji GPU.

The Fury X will have liquid cooling, the Fury will come with it’s own fan for air cooling, and the Nano is a GPU based card designed to work specifically with the Fiji. The R9 Series will be one of the benchmarks for the most recent in high performance graphics technology.

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