Bandai Namco has just announced a release date for Tekken 7. The game has been playable in arcades in Japan since last year, but with the release of the upcoming console and PC versions, the game will see a slew of updates that will put it well above its arcade counterpart. The next chapter in the series is set to offer additional balance changes and system adjustments, as well as a story mode, additional characters, and online tournament modes when it hits stores June 2nd.

Along with the announcement of the game’s release date, Bandai Namco also discussed its offering for fans following the game’s release later this year.

The Tekken 7 Collector’s Edition and Season Pass will feature additional content for players looking to get the most out of the game. The Collector’s Edition will feature a steel case, the official soundtrack for the game,  and a 12” by 18” inch statue of Kazuya and Heihachi.

The Season Pass will also give players access to three content packs that are set to release following the game’s launch. These packs will include new playable characters, stages, game modes, and costumes. Finally, for players looking to pick up Tekken 7 on release day, pre-order bonuses have also been announced. Players who pre-order the game will has access to the character Eliza. She made her first appearance back in Tekken Revolution. Tekken 7 will be coming to consoles and PC on June 2nd of this year, so keep checking Gamespresso for all the latest news.

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