Watch Dogs 2 is an open world title that lets you hone in on your technology and hacker skills to make a difference in the world around you. Besides that, it’s also just for having a lot of fun with others. Of course an entire game about pushing technology to the fullest won’t look great when it has bugs of its own. Ubisoft has gone to work and fixed some of the off features in Watch Dogs 2.

While those who play the title on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have already received an update last week, the Steam Community shared all the information for the PC patch out now. One of the major changes is within the algorithm of the San Francisco fog. Its appearance will now be different than before.

Another major change comes from the community who believed that the .50 Cal sniper rifle was too overpowered. With a drastic nerf, the number of rounds for this high powered weapon has gone from 6 to 1. The developers also stated that they will continue to keep an eye on it for the future. Besides this, there were a number of minor bugs that have hopefully been put to rest on the PC version of Watch Dogs 2. So load up and get back to hacking.

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