Machine Games announced today that nine additional levels of the “Nightmare” easter egg included in last year’s Wolfenstein: The New Order would be playable in the upcoming standalone DLC, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Last year, players were able to enjoy a trip down memory lane if they uncovered the secret hidden in the loft of the game’s main base. This secret allowed gamers to fight Nazis in classic pixelated style.

According to the Managing Director and Executive Producer of Machine Games, Jerk Gustafsson, “There are nine Nightmare levels in The Old Blood – one for each chapter in the game.” He also added that the development team has incorporated a number of tweaks to ensure that each level feels different and unique.

Gustafsson also confirmed that the Nightmare levels will be easily accessible, stating “”As soon as you wake up from a Nightmare – by dying, by completing the level or by using the new “wake up” option — you will always be able to go back to bed and enter the Nightmare again.”

The Nightmare sections will encompass the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D and will even include that episode’s boss fight with Hans Grosse.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood launches as a standalone expansion on May 5 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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