Hack-and-slash action MMO Black Desert Online is welcoming another class into its ranks, the Dark Knight, a beautiful and dangerous dark elf. And in celebration, they’re hosting a contest, and allowing you to create your Dark Knight early.

The Dark Knight is a powerful swordsman and mage, running from her homeland of Kamasylvia after causing a large-scale “disagreement” there. She uses an all new weapon, a greatsword called a Kriegsmesser, and joins the Sorceress and Tamer as an additional dark magic user.

To invite the Dark Knight to the game, developer DAUM is asking players to create their Knight early, and submit your creation codes to the Beauty Album. The player that gets the most downloads of their template before March 8th, a week after she is released, will win the iconic costume the Dark Knight wears in the trailer, and a 30-day reusable dye palette.

Anyone who creates a Dark Knight at all during the pre-release will be gifted 10 million silver, a horse flute to call your mount to you from larger distances, and 3 lottery boxes.

The Dark Knight will be joining English servers on March 1st, with the Kamasylvia expansion and awakening being released at a later, unannounced date.

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