Many Battlefield 1 players are frustrated that they can’t simply quit a multiplayer match while on the end of round screen, instead having to wait until the next round starts to be able to quit. The game’s developer, DICE, explains that this is not an oversight, but rather they are simply unable to have players quit between rounds.

On the Battlefield 1 subreddit, one of the game’s devs responded to a complaint on this matter. It is explained that the end of round screen is a loading screen that is getting the next map ready, and because of this players have to wait until the map is fully loaded before they can quit. Here is the full post:

“I’ve answered this in a few other threads already, but what happens during end of round is that we are loading the new level in the background. While the level is being loaded you are unable to quit. The UI “helpfully” informs you that you can’t quit by hiding the button. Hence, this mess. We should add more information about what’s going on and allow our players to queue up a QUIT.”

It is important to note that while the developer seems to imply that it would be possible to let players queue up to quit the match, this feature is not actually promised.

Battlefield 1 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can read our review here.

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