Despite fan uproar, claiming that items are dropping less frequently from loot chests, Jeff Kaplan, game director for Overwatch, says everything is normal.

Forum posts have been popping up left and right, complaining about drop rates of event skins in the recent Lunar New Year and Winter Wonderland events, with fans saying they’re seeing less and less of those coveted limited-time skins. Kaplan, in response to a particularly popular forum post on the subject says, “The drop rates for Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland and Year of the Rooster are all the same.”

With the man in charge finally weighing in, you’d assume fans would calm down and accept their bad luck. There is no such luck for Blizzard, as commenters continue to claim that paying users have higher drop rates, or that the boxes are an attempt at money grubbing and are demanding the statistics they must have released for other countries, citing a recent Chinese law that requires games to disclose that sort of lottery-game information.

Blizzard has no legal reason to give out their drop statistics to North American fans, and the statement from Kaplan should put any rumors to rest. Buying loot boxes is gambling, plain and simple, and you’re bound to have a bad time betting against the house every once and a while.

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