With it’s reveal during the E3 period, there have been several cinematic and gameplay clips for Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 2. Here’s 15 minutes of blissful demon slaughter put out on Digital Devolver’s youtube channel. So far, Shadow Warrior 2 looks great and looks like the combat returns in quite a varied and fluid way. Further, the low brow and crude humor returns, especially with Lo Wang’s incessant need to throw out one-liners like it’s on sale. Charming as it is, it’s still great to see that the developers have chosen to push what made Shadow Warriors so fun and taking it further.

A noted feature shown halfway through the clip is the co-op mode. It’s not shown whether or not this is local co-op or not; but it’s at least a certainty that there will be online multiplayer seeing as the camera for the game didn’t get split to show the 2nd player. Also, around the 6 minute mark in the video, it would appear there are steal mechanics, whether or not that’ll be utilized extensively or not remains to be seen. That said, some option to play instead of just the run-and-gun approach is much appreciated and not necessary.

Shadow Warriors 2 looks and plays gorgeously and I’m hoping to get my hands on this soon and give it a whirl when it comes out on the PC or PS4 in 2016.

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