Anyone who has been to New York City knows that it is one of the largest, multi-cultural, and lively cities in the world. Tom Clancy’s The Division boldly sets up a horrific, not too distant alternate future in which the city is plagued by a virus and turned into a modern day Wild West. With the shooter coming up on a year since release, it is time for the third expansion and a brand new update for all.

The latest expansion for The Division is properly called Last Stand. With it comes the new Last Stand game mode. This is a 16 player PvP mode that will have teams of 8 trying to fight for control of three tactical locations. Teams will earn points once one of these locations is secured. First to reach the max points wins.

The Last Stand expansion is not the only thing new coming to The Division. There is also a free update available now that will change a number of bugs and balance issues that were once present in the title. This includes new areas of the Dark Zone that you can now explore at your own peril. Check out the trailer for The Division Last Stand expansion below and go to the official website for the patch notes on update 1.6.

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